Green Potions only uses natural ingredients, even our colours are made from natural ingredients. We use Butterfly Pea to colour our products. 

Upon discovering the sensational natural, organic ingredient we also discovered that the Butterfly Pea has been used in South East Asia for centuries to colour their food blue and for blue tea. 

So here in the Green Potions Lab, we eat and drink the natural colour that we use in our products. 

This intriguing ingredient has the ability to change colour if you change the pH level. This is displayed in some of our products as they differ in pH levels. 

You can make this blue tea , cocktail, drink, iced tea and add a slice of lemon or lime to change the pH level and the colour will change to purple right before your eyes. 

    Butterfly Pea is said to have the following benefits:

    - Full of antioxidants 

    - High in anthocyanin which gives the natural blue colour

    - Strong anti-inflammatory

    - Strengthens the hair for healthy hair growth, prevent hair loss & greying

    - Keeps skin glowing and healthy

    - Treats urinary problems

    - Improves eyesight and night vision

    - Detoxifies the whole body

    - Enhances immune system


    - Use as a natural blue colourant in products eg. cleaning, cosmetics, soap, candles

    - Use as blue tea. Combine with Lemongrass, Ginger, Lime and more for taste

    - Use as blue food colourant eg. rice, pasta, pancakes, icing, doughnuts and lots more.

    We are currently preparing the recipes and are available with our Butterfly Pea Pack. The recipes will be available individually very soon. 

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