February 4, 2018

I started an eco friendly cleaning business back in Brisbane in 2007. Green cleaning products available were limited therefore we didn't have many choices of what to use. 

Most people still had the conventional chemical based cleaning products so we supplied our own cleaning products and equipment from the onset.

All was good until we began doing rental cleans. The green products just wouldn't keep up the standard of cleaning and in some cases even the chemical based products still had us working too hard. Most people would agree that cleaning limescale (aka soap scum) from shower screens is almost basically impossible. Every rental clean demanded that the limescale be removed. Sure, we'll just get the magic wand out we thought. 

On all the regular cleans we only used natural products but taking on more and more rental cleans and using chemicals (because the green products wouldn't do the job) had to have an adverse affect on us. So I took to the kitchen sink and began formulating. When I wasn't working I was researching, formulating and testing. 

The beauty was I had no end of situations as to test and trial my formulations. Each rental clean we did provided new cleaning situations. Sometimes we didn't even think it was possible to make some of the dire situations look better. We had ensuite so full of mould and mildew it had spread to the walk in robe of the master bedroom. Makes you wonder how the tenants weren't ill, but maybe they were.

2008 Green Potions was born! The first product was the Potion No.4, Cream Cleanser. Many hours have been spent on research and trialling and testing all of these fabulous Potions.

Stay tuned for more....