Eco friendly cleaning has never been easier. Green Potions takes all the hard work out of cleaning and best of all, it's natural!

Traditional household cleaning products are toxic. Green Potions are eco-friendly cleaning products handmade from natural ingredients.

Our Green Potions are proudly made in Queensland, Australia.

Having run an eco-friendly domestic and commercial cleaning business for 9 years and a mother of 2 children, I have cleaned for many years and like a lot of others, have tried many different cleaning products. After using so many products containing chemicals and breathing in toxic fumes we decided to make our home and our clients homes more environmentally friendly.

We tried and tested our own cleaning products and were amazed at how well they worked in comparison to others on the market.

In a demanding business such as a cleaning business, it's important to conserve energy and still complete each job competently. Green Potions have been created to conserve energy as the products do the cleaning. No elbow grease required, even for the cleaning of ovens and oven racks. We believe the cleaning products should do the cleaning, not your elbow grease.

Our Green Potion No.11, which is the Kitchen Exhaust Degreaser, is our most outstanding cleaning product out of the range. This eco-friendly cleaning product still surprises professional cleaners when they first use it. In 2010 a Food Service Manager from a Cafe at NASA contacted us in regards to our Green Potions No.11 and we sent them a sample of the product. She was amazed how great and easy it was to use. Green Potions No.11 will clean grease and grime from kitchen exhaust fans and filters by simply wiping the fans and submerging the filters without the use of any elbow grease as required when using other cleaning products.

After testing Green Potions in our home and then testing the products at friends' houses, friends were delighted when they heard their children insist that they have a go at the cleaning with the Potions and squealing "It works like magic!". We've made some of our Cream Cleanser in Raspberry and kids love to clean the BBQ with it, as it really does work like magic and smells absolutely devine!

9 years after starting an eco-friendly domestic and commercial cleaning business, we tried numerous eco-friendly cleaning products and all required a lot of elbow grease to complete the jobs.

To the kitchen sink we went, trialling, testing, researching; Green Potions was born.

We have done a lot of research and hand make all of our Green Potions. We understand what each ingredient does, therefore giving us the power to mix a specific product for any cleaning task required.

Cleaners tell us they love cleaning with our products and find the experience a lot more uplifting and pleasurable as the scents/fragrances of our products enhances their environment.








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