Image of Sanitiser Gel 300ml Refillable Pouch (Limited Stock)

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Sanitiser Gel 300ml Refillable Pouch (Limited Stock)

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BELOW HALF PRICE. Bonus added 200mls. Total of product is 500mls. This pouch can be clipped on to your bag, shorts or trousers. Only Green Potions has these versatile refillable pouches that you can conveniently keep on you at all times. Perfect for those working in the Health Industry and Essential Services. We make our Potion from from the beginning to end. We oversee the Alcohol and we measure the alcohol content for every batch to ensure the percentage is correct. We have successfully obtain all of our ingredients, including our fabulous printer locally. Refill with our 200ml or 500ml refill bottles.
Ingredients: 80% Alcohol, Aqua, Glycerine, Essential Oil blend, Sodium, Linseed Extract