Green Potions' Kitchen Degreaser is an every day product for kitchen benches. Great for stove tops, splashbacks, sinks and will even put shine back on your toaster, kettle and other kitchen appliances. Safe to use on granite and natural stone surfaces. Makes cleaning high chairs a breeze. Made from natural ingredients.


Our Bathroom Cleaner has been specifically designed for the shower recess. This product has ingredients that attracts calcium and magnesium from the water. Limescale is caused by the minerals, calcium and magnesium, in the water. The minerals stick to the walls and screen in the shower which then attracts the soaps and shampoo causing limescale. As most people know, limescale is very difficult to remove causing your shower screen to look unsightly. This product can be used as a daily shower spray. In fact, we have used this in our own home in the shower as a daily shower spray and didn't have to clean the shower walls or screens for months and the shower looked like it had been cleaned every day. We ended up cleaning our shower later due to the simple fact that we were conscious of the fact that it hadn't been cleaned for months. Made from natural ingredients.


Our natural Kitchen Exhaust Degreaser is unbelievable. This product will leave you standing in total amazement. This product will dissolve grease and grime for your kitchen exhaust filters by simply soaking them for 5 minutes. Makes light work for cleaning oven racks. The Kitchn Exhaust Degreaser is also used by green cleaners to remove mould and mildew from walls, eaves, ceilings, some furniture, window frames, doors and more. Made from natural ingredients.


Formulated with the fresh scent of peppermint. This Potion is sensational and cleans the dirtiest scum from bath tubs like you wouldn't believe. Great for sinks, toilet bowls, basins and scuff marks. We've even used this product to remove graffiti and nail polish from a 2 pak kitchen cupboard. Made from natural ingredients.